“Body Story” by Channel Four Television and the Arts Council of Great Britain, funding

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    Body Story

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  • Channel Four Television and the Arts Council of Great Britain, funding


    Six human dramas that reveal a fascinating insight into how our bodies miraculously cope with the rigors of everyday life. From the natural miracle of childbirth to the shattering effects of a heart attack, we begin to understand the wonders of the secret world within each of us.

    In one episode, Body Building, a girl breaks her arm when she falls from her bicycle. We see how her body instantly reacts to this crisis and ultimately repairs the bone to an even greater strength than before. This “x-ray” sequence, where we see the bone actually snap, was created by 3D rotoscoping a skeleton to match the live action in 3D Studio Max and then adding a negative look and glows in Quantel Hal and Edit Box.

    Power Animator’s integrated particle system was used to dynamically create the blood pouring into the injury inside the arm. The graphic of the spinal column carrying messages to the brain was achieved with a combination of volumetric lighting and raytraced shadows on NURBS models of a full inverse- kinematic joint system.

Additional Contributors:

    Head of 3D: Peter Bailey

    3D Animators: Stuart Love, Mark Fox, Rory Fellowes, Andy Wheeler, Francis Offei, Tia Perkins, Nick Mackie, Chelfyn Baxter, Chris Hooper

    Art Director: Chris Hart

    Production Assistant: Katrina Boyd

    Technical Support: Russell Curgenven

    Compositor/Designer: Adrian Woodward

    Hal Operator: Dave Corfield

    Collaborator: Wall to Wall Television

    Client: Channel 4

Animation / Video Overview: