“Half Pint Heroes” by Independent Artist

  • ©Jr. Everett Downing  Independent Artist


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    Half Pint Heroes


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  • Independent Artist


    This spoof of Saturday morning cartoons stars Billy Dynamo and Suzy Stardust, two pre-teens who use their galactic powers to help defend their planet, Earth. They must combine their powers and wits to stop a gigantic mutated milk cow bent on destruction of their hometown. Things take a turn for the worst as the heroes are easily bested by the cow. Will they be able to recover and stop the monster’s rampage in time? Tune in again to find out.

    Half Pint Heroes was modeled and animated using Softimage3D. The characters are all b-spline models, and the buildings are simple polygonal models. The piece was rendered in four passes using Mental Ray and composited with Softimage Eddie to achieve a cel cartoon look.

Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: Everett Downing

    Collaborators: Everett Downing, Aaron Hartline, Daniel O’Brien, Mike Laubach

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