“Rolie Polie Olie” by Nelvana Limited

  • ©Mike Fallows  Nelvana Limited and Métal Hurlant Productions s.a.r.l



    Rolie Polie Olie


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Nelvana Limited
  • Métal Hurlant Productions s.a.r.l


    This Emmy-Award winning television series, Rolie Polie Olie tells the adventures of Olie, a robot boy who is growing up on an extraordinary robot world, a planet of blue skies, happy helpful machines, and a warm idealized environment where lit-erally eveything comes to life! Olie’s life and adventures center around his robot family, which includes his unstoppable and insatiably curious little sister Zowie, his loyal dog Spot, his Mom and Dad, and Pappy.

Additional Contributors:

    A Nelvana Limited/Métal Hurlant Productions Coproduction

    Executive Producers: William Joyce, Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith, Fabrice Giger

    Director: Mike Fallows

    Producers: Corinne Kouper, Pam Lehn, Pamela Slavin

    Technical Producers: Scott Dyer, Guillaume Hellouin

    Animation Directors: Thierry Malherbe, Ron Pitts, Michel Raimbault

    Senior Technical Directors Christophe Archambault, Elisabeth Déréthé, Eric Flaherty

    Software Support: Remko Noteboom

    Supervising Producer: Stephen Hodgins

    Coordinating Producer: Patricia R. Burns

    Associate Producer: Emmanuele Pétry

    Story Editor & Writer: Peter Sauder

    Storyboard Artists: Andrew Tan, Lance Taylor, Christophe Villez

    Timing Directors: Larry Cariou, Dave Cox, Ken Stephenson

    Assistant Director: Bill Giggie

    Art Director: Rudolph Stussi

    Production Supervisor: Steve Chadwick

    Production Managers: Zev Lepofsky, Caroline Souris

    Production Coordinators: Susie Grondin, Estelle Moulin

    Modelers: Don Bajus, Matthew Durante, Shannon Gilley, Peter Hudecki, Kelly McManus, Dave Novak, Alison Morse, Brian Newlin, Kevin Ochs, Evan Olson,
    Amy Sanders, Joan Staveley, Jennifer Stephenson

    Layout Artists: Cyrille Caron, Pierre Yves Fave, Laurent Hubert, Arnaud de Mullenheim, Nathalie Perre, Pascal Rabil

    Animation by Sparx: Ferdinand Boutard, Xavier de Broucker, Nicolas Dabos, Christophe Geron, Philippe Giffard, Christèlle Jolens, Bernard Lacroix, Constantin Maschas, Jean-Marc Ky, Philippe Penaud, Eric Prébéndé, Olivier Revillon

    Lip Sync & Animation: Peter Hudecki, Robert Padovan, Mark Stanger

    CGI Assembly: Mac Holyoke, James Jacobs, Luis Lopez, Scott MacMillan, Bill Pong, Alex Stephan

    Colour & Lighting: Ian MacLeod, Jordan Thistlewood

    CGI Compositing: Paul Van Emmerik, Fred Ni, Allison Ryckman

    Systems Administrator: Ross Maudsley

    Featuring voices of: Kristen Bone, Cole Caplan, Len Carlson, Catherine Disher, Robert Smith, Joshua Tucci, Adrian Truss

    Casting & Voice Director: Jessie Thomson

    Casting Administrator: Karyn Tester

    Recording Assistant: Kerry Bones

    Script Coordinator: Leah Lepofsky

    Storyboard Coordinator: Ian Baggley

    Preproduction Supervisor: Rick Dubiel

    Splitting Technician: John Dubiel

    Breakdown: Terry Carter, Ken Hurlbut, Geoff Walton

    Audio/Video Technician: Jeff Howard

    Supervising Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick

    Post Production Manager: Jason Held

    Supervising Sound Editor: Glenn Barna

    Picture Editor: Karen Saunders

    Assistant Picture Editor: Ian Newport, David Blomme

    Dialogue Editors: Brian Fraser, Michael Werth

    Sound Effects Editors: John Baktis, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut, Hamish MacKenzie, Evan Turner

    Music Producer: Stephen Hudecki

    Music by Great Big Music Inc.: Brent Barkman, Peter Coulman, Carl Lenox, Tim Thorney, Tom Thorney

    Music Editors: Peter Branton, Anthony Crea, Mike Northcott

    Additional Production Facilities: Medallion/PFA Film & Video, Studio 306, Windlight Studios

    Recording Engineer: Robert Cobban

    Re-Recording Engineer: Jamie Sulek

    On Line Editor: Keven Berengredt

    Produced by Nelvana Limited and Métal Hurlant Productions s.a.r.l in coproduction with La Cinquième with the assistance of the Government of Canada – Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit program and the participation of Telefilm Canada and Centre National de la Cinématographie in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Disney Channel.

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