Joyce Hertzson: The Dance

  • ©1993, Joyce Hertzson



    The Dance


Creation Year:



    Versatec Electrostatic Print


    60 inches x 27 inches


Artist Statement:

    These “electronic paintings” use video artifacts to embody personal and human-technology relationships. The “output” returns from the electronic environment of computer monitors and television screens to traditional art materials and processes, questioning the very substance of art. The visual contrast between the paintings that appear to be computer generated and those with electronic output where the technology is virtually transparent, expands the relationships among human beings, art, and technology.

    The artist’s current work, totally electronic in input, development, and output explores relationships with life, love, and art history. The images in the series were output to a Versatec electrostatic printer, permitting life-size scale and lamination of thin paper. The prints are flexible, so they can move around curved surfaces and adapt to a range of new environments.

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