Mark Schafer

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  • SIGGRAPH 1999

    Mark Schafer is Head of R&D for Anohana Production Management & Technologies. His focus is on guiding technology development to provide more efficient production mechanisms. Before Anohana, as Head of R&D at Acclaim Entertainment, he designed and managed the team that produced a motion capture facility acknowledged as the best in the industry. His group established production methodology for developing games for the current generation of game consoles and hardware-accelerated PCs. He has deep experience with performance animation production techniques, especially for taking motion and facial performance beyond capture, solving the production problems associated with applying it to the target geometry model. Before Acclaim, Mark worked in computer graphics software development and targeted custom projects, developing such things as the first commercially available character animation program driven by skeleton control. Prior to that, Mark created visual effects for broadcast and film in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Mark has a B.S.C. from the University of Auckland.  


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