“The Magician and the Rabbit” by Creature House Ltd.

  • ©Siu Ciu Hsu  Creature House Ltd.



    The Magician and the Rabbit


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Creature House Ltd.


    Where would a magic show be without a rabbit? This is the story of how a rabbit of humble origins made it to the magician’s profession.

    Despite its traditional media appearance, the animation was created entirely using a new vector-based animation system: LivingCels. All the keyframes were digitally drawn within LivingCels, which also generates in-betweens automatically. No ink-and-paint or scanning was involved in the animation process.

    The system uses an efficient vector-paint technology (an extension to the skeletal-strokes technique) for creation of key drawings and rendering of the generated frames. Together with other features of the system (automatic object correspondence, hierarchical animation, and picture-based models), stylish cel animations that are resolution- and frame-rate-independent can be created efficiently. Smoothly interpolated action with motion blurring is easily achievable from hand-drawn keyframes.



Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: S.C.Hsu

    Original Music Composition and Performance: Irene Lee

Animation / Video Overview: