“Subdivision for Modeling and Animation” by Zorin, DeRose, Kobbelt, Schröder, Stam, et al. …

  • ©Denis Zorin, Tony DeRose, Leif Kobbelt, Peter Schröder, Jos Stam, and Joe Warren



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    Subdivision for Modeling and Animation

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    Subdivision is an algorithmic technique for generating smooth surfaces as a sequence of successively refined polyhedral meshes. Subdivision algorithms are exceptionally simple, they work for arbitrary control meshes, and they produce globally smooth surfaces. Special choices of subdivision rules allow for the introduction of features into a surface in a simple way. Subdivision-based representations of complex geometry can be manipulated and rendered very efficiently, which makes subdivision a highly suitable tool for interactive animation and modeling systems.

    This course covered the basic ideas of subdivision and a variety of different subdivision schemes. It detailed their properties, reviewed their suitability for particular applications, and compared their relative merits. Strong emphasis was placed on practical issues. At the end of the course, attendees were well prepared to implement the basic techniques as well as delve into the research literature on the subject.

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