“Tightrope” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©Bob Hoffman






    The Jester moves along a tightrope through a mystical, cloud-like milieu. His open face reveals inquisitive eyes. For The Jester, life is a joy to behold.
    Suddenly, he comes upon another man moving towards him – on the same tightrope.The other man,The Suit, has an ominous gray demeanor. His face is obscured by a dark mask. The Jester extends a hand in friendship, which is rebuffed by The Suit, who then tries to knock The Jester off the tightrope.
    The Jester reveals an assortment of magical tricks. Not to be outdone,The Suit responds with a desperate act that has possibly dire consequences for both characters.

    Created over the course of 11 months, Tightrope is a five-minute, all-CG-animated short film, written and directed by Daniel Robichaud, with Stephane Couture and Bernd Angerer serving as animation supervisors/lead animators. Produced by Scott Ross and Digital Domain, this allegorical tale showcases Digital Domain’s ability to bring art and technology together to create a beguiling story. The team of artists developed new real-time controls to create complex facial expression and nuance.

Animation / Video Overview: