“A Little Curious (Pad & Pencil Song)” by Curious Pictures

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    A Little Curious (Pad & Pencil Song)


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  • Curious Pictures


    HBO Family’s A Little Curious aims to teach vocabulary words and concepts to pre-schoolers through an original cast of char-acters. The stars of A Little Curious are all inanimate objects that can be found in a pre-schooler’s world: Doris the Door, Mr. String, the Shoe Family, Mop, Little Cup, and Bob the Ball. And then there’s Pad and Pencil. Their love for each other is undying and always over the top.

    The Pad and Pencil Song, with lyrics by Alana Burgi and music by Don Sebesky is a tribute to the most romantic office-supply couple you’re likely to ever meet. In this CG dance, Pad and Pencil engage in a pas de deux across the desk blotter. Theirs is a love that will stand the test of time. Pencil expresses his love for Pad through intimate portraiture on his favorite medium (Pad). In turn, Pad enfolds Pencil in a lover’s embrace.

    The CG portions of A Little Curious are animated and rendered in Maya. Both Pad and Pencil are animated principally using IK spline and lattice deformation. Lip synch is done with a series of replacement mouths.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Steve Oakes

    Producer: Christine Walters

    Animator: Patrick Porter

    Lighting and Textures: Owen Demers

    Animation Director: Dave Baas

Animation / Video Overview: