SIGGRAPH 2019: Technical Papers

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    Hear from a wide range of scientists and researchers who drive the industry, inspire new work, and ignite memorable discussions. This is the kind of content you’ll reflect on, and refer to, all year.

    Experience a mix of scientific innovation, inquisition, and creative energy.

    Witness the most visionary, innovative, and inspiring submissions for Technical Papers presentation at SIGGRAPH. At the conference, authors offer snack-sized summaries of their work in Technical Papers Fast Forward, and present complete papers during the Technical Papers sessions, which conclude with an audience Q&A.

    Technical Papers is the premier venue for disseminating and discussing new scholarly work in computer graphics technology and interactive techniques. The papers themselves are published as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics.

    In addition to papers selected by the SIGGRAPH 2019 Technical Papers Committee, the conference presents papers that have been published in ACM Transactions on Graphics during the past year.


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