Johannes Hanika

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  • Weta Digital Ltd., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


  • SIGGRAPH 2020

    Johannes was introduced to the secrets of computer graphics in Ulm University, working on low level ray tracing optimisation, quasi-Monte Carlo point sets, light transport simulation, and image denoising. The following ten years he worked as a researcher for Weta Digital, first  in Wellington, New Zealand, later remotely from Germany. He is co- architect of Manuka, Weta Digital’s physically based spectral renderer.  Since 2013, Johannes works as a post-doctoral fellow at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In 2009, Johannes founded the darktable open source project, a workflow tool for RAW photography. Johannes has a movie credit for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.  

    SIGGRAPH 2014

    Johannes Hanika received his PhD in media informatics from Ulm University in 2011. After that he worked as a researcher for Weta digital  in Wellington, New Zealand. There he was part of Luca Fascione’s group who brought Manuka to life, Weta digital’s physically-based spectral renderer. Since 2013 he is back in Germany and works as a post-doctoral fellow at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with emphasis on light transport simulation, continuing research for Weta digital part-time.  

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