“Spectral Imaging in Production” by Forsythe, Dyer, Mansencal, Hanika, Wilkie, et al. …

  • ©Alex Forsythe, Scott Dyer, Thomas Mansencal, Johannes Hanika, Alexander Wilkie, Luke Emrose, and Anders Langlands



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    Spectral Imaging in Production

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    Unlike path tracing, spectral rendering is still not widely used in production although it has been around for more than thirty years. Traditionally connected to spectral effects such as dispersion and interference, spectral rendering – and, more importantly, the use of spectral data in general – is predominantly a way to guarantee colour fidelity. Additionally, with the rise of path tracing and the growing use of LED lights on-set as well as the recent shift to LED walls in virtual production, it becomes increasingly evident that the traditional way of seeing colour and light as RGB triplets is insufficient if colour accuracy is required. The purpose of the course is two-fold. First and foremost, we want to share what we learned on our way towards a spectral image pipeline. We will talk about the unique opportunities and challenges the use of spectral data brings in a modern production pipeline and our motivation to build a spectral renderer. Since spectral data influences every step of the pipeline, the course will go beyond rendering aspects. We will discuss data acquisition and will shed some light on how to tackle the special problem of LED lights in production as well as its practical usage.

    The second aim of the course is to build a community. We want to see the topic evolve over the next few years and connect people to shape the future together until spectral imaging is as ubiquitous as path tracing is in production.

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