“Iterative Depth Warping” by Lee, Kim and Eisemann

  • ©Sungkil Lee, Younguk Kim, and Elmar Eisemann




    Iterative Depth Warping

Session/Category Title:   High Performance Rendering



    This article presents an iterative backward-warping technique and its applications. It predictively synthesizes depth buffers for novel views. Our solution is based on a fixed-point iteration that converges quickly in practice. Unlike the previous techniques, our solution is a pure backward warping without using bidirectional sources. To efficiently seed the iterative process, we also propose a tight bounding method for motion vectors. Non-convergent depth holes are inpainted via deep depth buffers. Our solution works well with arbitrarily distributed motion vectors under moderate motions. Many scenarios can benefit from our depth warping. As an application, we propose a highly scalable image-based occlusion-culling technique, achieving a significant speed-up compared to the state of the art. We also demonstrate the benefit of our solution in multi-view soft-shadow generation.


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