“Iterative Cage-Based Registration for Dynamic Shape Capture” by Savoye

  • ©Yann Savoye

  • ©Yann Savoye

  • ©Yann Savoye




    Iterative Cage-Based Registration for Dynamic Shape Capture



    Recent advances in low-cost dynamic scanning turn the cross-parametrization of non-rigid animatable surface into a vision-oriented ill-posed problem. In contrast with [Li et al. 2012], we propose a novel detail-preserving registration approach with resolution-independent control. Furthermore, our skin-detached surface registration avoids patch-based segmentation or affine fitting to maintain the local plasticity, as required in [Budd and Hilton 2010]. In particular, we leverage the problem of highly non-rigid spacetime registration by employing an elasto-plastic coarse cage. Thus, we perform scalable handle-aware harmonic shape registration, relying on the high-level of shape abstraction offered by the space-based paradigm. To the best of our knowledge, our technique is the first to investigate handle-aware elastic overlapping-rigidities for registering life-like dynamic shapes in full-body clothing.


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