“Deep reflectance fields: high-quality facial reflectance field inference from color gradient illumination” by Meka, Häne, Pandey, Zollhöfer, Fanello, et al. …

  • ©Abhimitra Meka, Christian Häne, Rohit Pandey, Michael Zollhöfer, Sean Ryan Fanello, Graham Fyffe, Adarsh Kowdle, Xueming Yu, Jay Busch, Jason Dourgarian, Peter Denny, Sofien Bouaziz, Peter Lincoln, Matt Whalen, Geoff Harvey, Jonathan Taylor, Shahram Izadi, Andrea Tagliasacchi, Paul E. Debevec, Christian Theobalt, Julien P. C. Valentin, and Christoph Rhemann


    We present a novel technique to relight images of human faces by learning a model of facial reflectance from a database of 4D reflectance field data of several subjects in a variety of expressions and viewpoints. Using our learned model, a face can be relit in arbitrary illumination environments using only two original images recorded under spherical color gradient illumination. The output of our deep network indicates that the color gradient images contain the information needed to estimate the full 4D reflectance field, including specular reflections and high frequency details. While capturing spherical color gradient illumination still requires a special lighting setup, reduction to just two illumination conditions allows the technique to be applied to dynamic facial performance capture. We show side-by-side comparisons which demonstrate that the proposed system outperforms the state-of-the-art techniques in both realism and speed.


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