“Ellipsoidal path connections for time-gated rendering” by Pediredla, Veeraraghavan and Gkioulekas

  • ©Adithya Pediredla, Ashok Veeraraghavan, and Ioannis Gkioulekas




    Ellipsoidal path connections for time-gated rendering

Session/Category Title: Light Science



    During the last decade, we have been witnessing the continued development of new time-of-flight imaging devices, and their increased use in numerous and varied applications. However, physics-based rendering techniques that can accurately simulate these devices are still lacking: while existing algorithms are adequate for certain tasks, such as simulating transient cameras, they are very inefficient for simulating time-gated cameras because of the large number of wasted path samples. We take steps towards addressing these deficiencies, by introducing a procedure for efficiently sampling paths with a predetermined length, and incorporating it within rendering frameworks tailored towards simulating time-gated imaging. We use our open-source implementation of the above to empirically demonstrate improved rendering performance in a variety of applications, including simulating proximity sensors, imaging through occlusions, depth-selective cameras, transient imaging in dynamic scenes, and non-line-of-sight imaging.


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