“Vectorization of Line Drawings via PolyVector Fields” by Bessmeltsev and Solomon

  • ©Mikhail Bessmeltsev and Justin M. Solomon




    Vectorization of Line Drawings via PolyVector Fields

Session/Category Title:   Transport: Parallel and Optimal



    Image tracing is a foundational component of the workflow in graphic design, engineering, and computer animation, linking hand-drawn concept images to collections of smooth curves needed for geometry processing and editing. Even for clean line drawings, modern algorithms often fail to faithfully vectorize junctions, or points at which curves meet; this produces vector drawings with incorrect connectivity. This subtle issue undermines the practical application of vectorization tools and accounts for hesitance among artists and engineers to use automatic vectorization software. To address this issue, we propose a novel image vectorization method based on state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms for frame field processing. Our algorithm is tailored specifically to disambiguate junctions without sacrificing quality.


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