This year’s showcase of the state of the art in computer graphics reflects visions that have been developed and communicated since early humans painted their stories on cave walls. For many thousands of years, human beings have used artistic vision and imagery to communicate and illustrate conscious thought and subconscious feeling. In the current and previous century, the moving image has expanded our ability to share our ideas with others, and the digital medium allows us to share those ideas with an infinite audience. As we envisioned a thematic concept for the SIGGRAPH 2000 Computer Animation Festival, the turning of a new century played a central role. We hoped that looking forward from this point in time would be a more positive approach than focusing on a retrospective look at computer graphics through the end of the 20th century. Speculating, predicting, and wondering about the next 500 years of evolution provided a rich inspiration for the artists and scientists who contributed their work to the show. I hope you enjoy the great collection of work we present here; I know I enjoyed the 18 months of preparation that went into it.  

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