“Mission to Mars” by The Secret Lab

  • ©Brian De Palma  The Secret Lab



    Mission to Mars


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Secret Lab


    An expedition to Mars is destroyed by a monstrous vortex of dust and wind, a natural phenomenon with supernatural qualities. For “Mission to Mars,” The Secret Lab, formerly Dream Quest Images, was charged with creation and animation of this character, investing it with a menacing and predatory nature. The process began with conceptual art and animatics depicting vortex movements that suggested a pur­poseful choreography while also indicating flow, intensity, visibility, motion blur, and wind direction. The computationally intensive final shots were executed with Hookah, the company’s proprietary fluid­dynamics simulator and volumetric renderer, which was also used on “Armageddon.”

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Tom Jacobson

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Hoyt Yeatman

    Visual Effects Producer: Rae Griffith-Gagnon

    Digital Effects Supervisor: Darin Hollings

    Animation Supervisor: Matt O’Callaghan

    CG supervisor: Scott Gordon

    CG Supervisor: Teddy Yang

    Compositing Supervisor: Blaine Kennison

    Art Director: Peter Lloyd

    Software Developer: Lewis Siegel

Animation / Video Overview: