“The Game Room” by Exodus Entertainment

  • ©Randy Gossman


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    The Game Room


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Exodus Entertainment


    “The Game Room” is a 3D computer-animated demo for the first inter­active syndicated Web broadcast show. The 3D animated characters review video games by interacting with them, and the host of the show interviews game characters in a talk show format. This short highlights the skills of this group of animators from Exodus Entertainment, as well as the original soundtrack, created by Douglas Thornton of Post Scores.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Monty Clark

    Executive Producer: Mark Brooks

    Animators: Brett Baker, Devon Browne, Andy Angrand, Nick Schreiber, Jorge Verea, Reynaldo Acevedo

    Music: Douglas Thornton

    Sound design: Post Scores: Ashley Shepherd, Nick Sanders, Douglas Thornton