“Walking with Dinosaurs” by Framestore

  • ©Tim Haines and Jasper James  Framestore



    Walking with Dinosaurs


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore


    “Walking with Dinosaurs” is a major computer animation co-production for BBC Science and the Discovery Channel. It features CG dinosaurs set into live-action backgrounds filmed in locations that closely resemble the environments of the appropriate era. The documentary series covers the natural history of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras, and the design and movement of the CG dinosaurs were guided by an expert team of paleontologists working closely with a small team of animators. The project took nearly three years to complete.


    SGI, PC (NT), Quantel Henry, Inferno


    Softimage, Mental Ray, Photoshop, 3DEqualizer, and proprietary tools

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Tim Haines

    Computer Animation and Post Production: FrameStore

    Director of Computer Animation: Mike Milne

    Senior Animators: Virgil Manning, Carlos Rosas

    Senior Technical Director: Alec Knox

    Technical Director: David Marsh

    Animators: Andrew Daffy, Richard Dexter, Richard Ducker, Stephen Enticott, Marco Marenghi, Max Tyrie, Sophie Lodge, Stuart Ellis

    Dinosaur skin design: Daren Harley

    Texture Artists: Daren Harley, Christian Manz, Danny Guertsen

    Software development: Andy Lomas, Alex Parkinson

    Maquette scanning: Sean Varney

    Film Editor: Andrew Wilks

    VFX Directors: Mike McGee, Tim Greenwood

    Digital Effects Artists: Avtar Baines, William Bartlett, Nick Bennett, Oliver Bersey, Murray Butler, Sirio Quintavalle, George Roper, Angus Wilson

    Telecine Colorists: Dave Ludlum, Asa Shoul, Steffan Perry

    Post-Production Producer: Lottie Cooper

    VFX Coordinator: Scott Griffin

    Executive Producers Computer Animation: Sharon Reed, William Sargent

Animation / Video Overview: