“The Road to El Dorado” by Eric Bergeron and Don Paul

  • ©Eric Bergeron and Don Paul  Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc.



    The Road to El Dorado


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc.


    Doug lkeler created a tool set called Spryticle to do complex, rapid water effects using flat digital cards that carry triggered playback of scanned traditional 2D animation. The cards in Spryticle can be bent, curved, stretched, and positioned to allow display of the 2D hand-drawn splashes without a visual or mechanical repetition of shape and element. A 3D light can be used to add a greater sense of apparent volume to what is actually a virtual distorted flat surface.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Bonne Radford, Brooke Breton

    Contributors: Doug lkeler, Gigi Yates, Patrick Witting, Dream Works Feature Animation

Animation / Video Overview: