“Samurice” by James Bennett

  • ©James Bennett


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  • Queensland University of Technology


    At the beginning of the 17th century, feudal Japan was about to enter into the modern era. In a small rice paddy, a clan of Samurai Rice have had their most prized possession stolen: the Soya Scroll. This ancient parchment contains the ingredients to a magical Soya Sauce that gives the Samurice special martial and spiritual powers that makes them the strongest of the Rice clans. It is believed that a rival bushel of Ninja Rice is responsible for the theft. A young, hot-headed Samu rice named Ricesashi has been sent to locate the Ninja’s secret hideaway and verify them as the thieves.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: James Bennett, Andrew Silke

    Contributors: Department of Communication Design at the Queensland University of Technology