“Gatorade “Raptor”” by Steve Beck

  • ©Steve Beck  Industrial Light & Magic



    Gatorade "Raptor"


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    Raptor vs. Raptor. Vince Carter, Toronto Raptor, vs. Velociraptor. Live-action human vs. computer-generated raptor. The challenge was to shoot the basketball player interacting with the creature. Carter was shot playing against a raptor stunt double who was then digitally removed and replaced with the completely CG raptor. Other challenges included water splashes and Gatorade flowing from the raptor’s mouth.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Joel Zimmerman

    Post Producer: Kip Larsen

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Pablo Helman

    Animation Director: Randy Dutra

    Art Director: Erich Rigling

    Post Production Supervisor: Michael Hogan

    Lead Technical Director: Leandro Estebecorena

    Technical Directors: Morris May, Tripp Brown, Marcus Stokes, Melva Young, Nigel Sumner, Jeremy Goldman, Kirk Mcinroy

    Lead Animator: Dan Taylor

    Animators: Ismail Acar, Michael Easton, Jonathan Lyons, Kirk Mcinroy, Tom St. Amand

    Modelers: Ismail Acar: Neil Lim Sang

    Enveloper: Rick Grandy

    Viewpainter: Richard Moore

    Rota/paint: Drew Klausner

    Senior Flame Artist: Mark Casey

Animation / Video Overview: