“The Longest Journey” by Funcom

  • ©Didrik Tollefsen


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    The Longest Journey


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  • Funcom


    “The Longest Journey,” a computer game adventure set in parallel worlds of magic and science, features over 30 minutes of rendered video, which is used to tell the story of April Ryan, a young woman with the ability to “shift: between twin realities.” Software used in the production included 3D-Studio MAX 2 for modeling and rendering, and Adobe Premiere 5.1 and After Effects 4 for post-processing, as well as a motion capture system for the character animations.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Ragnar Turnquist

    Contributors: Ragnar Turnquist, Didrik Tollefsen, Renate Andersen, Christian Enger, Lars-Petter, Anfinsen lwan, Scheer Rune, Spaans’yvind Jernskau, Amanda Ronai, Thorolf Tunjum, Kjetil Hjeldnes, Bjorn-Arve LagimT