“Toyota Future World Experience” by ExMachina

  • ©Michel Meyer  ExMachina


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    Toyota Future World Experience


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • ExMachina


    Future World Experience is meant to show the audience what the car society will be in the future. This attraction is both a real roller coaster and virtual travel in future towns. It includes the fastest indoor roller coaster (maximum speed 60 km/h), an astonishing 3D computer graphics production, and a very innovative interactive system. The story: With the Cybercharacter, our guide for this trip, the audience chooses the location to visit (Earth, ocean, air) with the LCD screen in the car dashboard. Then they choose a vehicle design (27 different vehicles are proposed).

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Dentsu, Dentsu Tee, ExMachina

    Client: Toyota agency: Dentsu Tec

    Digital images: ExMachina

    Original Concept: Arish Fyzee

    Ride: lntamin

Animation / Video Overview: