“Magnolia” by Industrial Light & Magic

  • ©Yves Metraux  Industrial Light & Magic





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    Frogs rain down on Los Angeles in the final episode of this multi-storied tale. Soft-body collisions, dynamic simulation, and character animation were blended with live-action cinematography to create this amphibian apocalypse.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Joe Letteri

    Visual Effects Producer: Camille Geier

    Animation Supervisor: Paul Griffin

    CG Supervisors: Gregor Lakner, Greg Maloney

    Lead Animator: Marjolaine Tremblay

    Modeling Supervisor: Tony Hudson

    Frog Construction: Aaron Pfau, Derek Gillingham

    Production Coordinator: Robin Saxen

    Digital Artists: Matt Bouchard, John Helms, Joshua Levine, Tia Marshall, Steve Molin, Julie Neary, Barbara Townsend, Andy Wang, Lindy Wilson

    Animators: Colin Brady, John Zdankiewicz

    Color Timing Supervisor: Bruce Vecchitto

    Lead Matchmover: Luke Longin

    Matchmovers: Danielle Morrow, Jeffrey Saltzman

    Digital paint and rota: Beth D’Amato, Mike Van Eps

    Art Director: David Nakabayashi

    Digital Matte Artist: Brian Flora

    Software R&D: Florian Kainz, Zoran Kacic-Alesic

    Visual Effects Production Assistant: Leslie Safley

    Visual Effects Editor: Michael Gleason

    Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Lorelei David

    Production engineering software: Josh Seims

    Technical support: Jason Brown, Ian McCamey, Michelle Motta

    CG operations: Vicki Beck, Tony Hurd

    Negative line-up: Andrea Biklian

    Digital plate restoration: Michelle Spina, Stephanie Taubert

    Scanning: Mike Ellis, Todd Mitchell

    Senior Staff: Chrissie England, Patricia Blau, Jim Morris

Animation / Video Overview: