“Mime In A Box” by Kunzendorf

  • ©Eric Kunzendorf


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Mime In A Box


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Atlanta College of Art


    “Mime In A Box” is a presentation of the classic mime routine of the same name, except that this one ends with a macabre twist. This piece is an experiment in character animation. Can a simple character, by sole virtue of its performance, create an emotional attachment with the audience? This piece also served as an exercise in simplification for 3D animation students at the Atlanta College of Art.

    Animation was done in Lightwave 3D 5.6 for Macintosh over a period of two months. The scene clips were assembled in Adobe After Effects. Harmony Assistant was used to arrange the music and generate the digital sound files, which were output to tape using a Media 1ooqx

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Eric Kunzendorf