“EPS Process and Applications Video” by IOMEDIA

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    EPS Process and Applications Video


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    Three years ago, IOMEDIA created a simple animation for EPS to demonstrate their proprietary rubber-recycling process to potential investors, who might contribute funds to construct their first facility. The original video was so successful that EPS came back to IOMEDIA this year to request a new, updated video. Based on photographs, video, and a trip to the original facility, IOMEDIA recreated the entire, process using Softimage 3D. X-ray passes were used to show the functionality of the machines. Depth of field was added using After Effects. In all, eight separate animation passes were composited together using Softimage DS.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Christopher Batty, Maria Spinella

    Contributors: Moneta Ho, lldar lstarki, Steve Korian, Ben Kou, Marc Lafontant, Mike Lasker, Nobu Nakaguchi, Carla Pickering, Ben Pirt, Eric Rosemann, Damijan Saccio, Steven Wood, Cindy Yang, Peipei Yuan

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