“Levi’s “Socks”” by Bob Hoffman

  • ©Bob Hoffman


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Levi's "Socks"



    For director Michael Bay, Propaganda Films, and agency client TBWA Chiat Day, Digital Domain was asked to create a provocative and photo-real couple in various stages of undress for Levi’s latest advertising campaign. Digital Domain is known for its “invisible” effects work. “Socks” effects not only required rendering the couple invisibly but, more importantly, required creating photo-real 3D CG clothing to be tracked over the existing plate photography in such a way as to make the invisible gag seamless.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual FX: Digital Domain, Inc.

    VFX Supervisor: Fred Raimondi

    VFX Producer: Todd lsroelit

    VFX Coordinator: Allyse Manoff

    Animation Supervisor: Bernd Angerer

    Composite Supervisor: Scott Rader

    Compositors: David Stern, Perri Wainright

    Animators: Mark Brown, Keith Hughes, Dan Loeb, Patrick Lowery, Joe Mandia, Dan Fowler

    3D Modeler: Vernon Wilbert

    3D Tracking: Messrob Torikian

    Texture Painter: Shannan Burkley

    Roto/Paint: Tonia Young

    Roto: Byron Werner, Michael Frick, Lou Pecora

Animation / Video Overview: