“Hello, Dolly!” by Independent Artist

  • ©Mariko Hoshi


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    Hello, Dolly!


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Independent Artist


    “Hello, Dolly!” is a satirical story about cloning. It begins one night as an insomniac tries to fall asleep by counting sheep. But he can’t get past sheep #1. This work was created entirely on SGI machines with Softimage as the main software for animation and modeling. Composer and Pandemonium were used for editing, compositing, and some visual effects. Sound was put together in Pro Tool on a Mac.

Additional Contributors:

    Animation, story, and modeling: Mariko Hoshi

    Music: Carlos Baena

    Sound Edit: Atsuko Yamagishi

    Sound Design: Mariko Hoshi, Atsuko Yamagishi

    Voice: Fred Cabral

    Advisors: Kevin Cain, Kyle Clark, Jimmy Hayward, Oren Jacob, Valerie Mih, Vanessa Schwartz