“Rhythms “Data Dancers”” by Industrial Light & Magic

  • ©Wade Howie  Industrial Light & Magic



    Rhythms "Data Dancers"


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    A trio of computer-animated “data” dancers personify the voice, data, and full-motion video that can be delivered in concert over Rhythms’ high-speed DSL lines. Choreographed to George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm,” the dancers were motion captured and brought to life in the CG world by Industrial Light+ Magic’s Commercials Production Division.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Paul Hill

    Production Supervisor: Andrea Smith

    Post Production Supervisor: Lyndal Heathwood

    CG Lead: Mary Beth Haggerty

    Technical Directors: Kevin Sprout, Marcus Stokes, Tripp Brown, Paul Churchill

    Animators: Scott Benza, Jonathan Lyons

    Modeler: Tony Hudson

    Art department: Tad Leckman, Randy Gaul

    Motion capture: Seth Rosenthal, Ann McColgan

    Lead Flame Editor: Orin Green

Animation / Video Overview: