“UFO – Boeing JSF” by Station X Entertainment Inc.

  • ©Aristomenis Tsirbas  Station X Entertainment Inc.


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    UFO - Boeing JSF


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  • Station X Entertainment Inc.


    The images in this sequence are 100-percent CGI. No plate photography was used or required for these shots. Terrain and sky backgrounds are either matte paintings or retouched satellite imagery used as texture maps. The Joint Strike Fighter and additional vehicles such as the KC-10 tanker and the USS Stennis aircraft carrier were modeled to exacting detail from blueprints and reference photos. Lighting of the Joint Strike Fighter was achieved with a combination of off-the-shelf tools and in-house shaders. Digital humans were modeled and textured in Lightwave and animated with a proprietary animation software program.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Eileen O’Connor

    Contributors: Staff of Station X Studios

Animation / Video Overview: