“Synchronicity” by Bay Vista Productions

  • ©Hans H. Uhlig  Bay Vista Productions


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  • Bay Vista Productions


    “Synchronicity” is an entirely computer-generated dance allegory. The passage of time, and the evolution of the characters, is augmented by a progression of stylistic looks. The complex choreography was captured using the Vicon 370 optical motion-capture system. Nearly 100 markers were used to capture all of the subtleties of the performance. Vicon, Film box, Softimage, and I LM proprietary software were used to recon­struct and apply the motion-capture data to the CG dancers. The CG environment was constructed in Softimage, surfaced with Renderman, lit with I LM proprietary software, and ultimately demolished using a Maya rigid-body simulation.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Tony Hurd

    Computer Graphics Supervisors: Tim Alexander, Jeremy Goldman, Hayden Landis, Sean Schur

    Camera: Stefen Fangmeier

    Digital lighting setup and ending sequence: Christian Foucher

    Computer Graphics Artists: Mario Capellari, Paul Churchill, Mike Conte, Lindy De Quattro, Vince De Quattro, Jeff Ertl, Todd Fulford, Peg Hunter, Dan Lobl, Jennifer McKnew, Patrick Neary, Ricardo Ramos, Frederic Schmidt, Jeff Shank, Douglas James Smith, Ken Wesley

    Digital Paint Artist: Patrick Jarvis

    Digital model development and construction Artists: Dugan Beach, Andrew Cawrse, Jim Doherty, Michael Easton, Aaron Ferguson, Paul Giacoppo, Rick Grandy, Paul Kavanagh, Corey Rosen, Susan Ross, Tony Sommers, James Tooley

    Motion Capture Producer: Sandra Scott

    Motion Capture Supervisors: Jeff Light, Mike Min

    Film Recording Supervisor: Joshua Pines

    Editor: Carey Burens

    Negative Cutter: Doug Jones

    Choreography: Paula Telander, Phyllis Cagnolatti

    Dancers: Tanyce Alaga, Sheri Spellwomen

    Original musical score: Jim Gardiner

    Vocalist: Valerie Matthews

    Production and technical support: Michael Cordova, Tim Greenwood, Ian McCamey, Janine McGraw, Jim Milton, Mike Peters, Seth Rosenthal, Mike Sanders,

    Special Thanks to Industrial Light+ Magic

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