“The Hunley” by Station X Studios

  • ©John Gray


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    The Hunley


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Station X Studios


    The images in this sequence are 100-percent CGI. The CG models of the Hunley submarine and th_e Housatonic sailing ship were built, textured, and lit in Lightwave. Volumetric lights, particles, and Z-depth renders were used to create a definitive look for the underwater scene. The final sequence involves the Hunley ramming the Housatonic with an explosive charge, which generates a 100-percent digital explosion. Lightwave’s Hypervoxels software was used to generate the explosion cloud, and a combination of particle systems and good-old-fashioned keyframing was used to portray the destruction of the Housatonic.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Eileen O’Connor, Darcy Leslie (For Station X)

    Contributors: Staff of Station X