“Full Tilt” by Station X Entertainment Inc.

  • ©Aristomenis Tsirbas  Station X Entertainment Inc.

  • ©Aristomenis Tsirbas  Station X Entertainment Inc.



    Full Tilt


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Station X Entertainment Inc.


    “Full Tilt” tells the story of the amazing Ray/Tracey and her perilous high-speed journey to the Electronic Theater. Braving traffic, skyscrap­ers, and a trigger-happy Heli-Cop-Ter, Tracey has le!;s than two minutes to race her Hover-Vette to the film event of the year!

    This is Station X Entertainment lnc.’s second in-house film short this year. A small team of artists created this full 3D adventure featuring a unique merging of photo-realistic rendering with stylized design.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Anne Miller

    Contributing Artists: Scott Cegielski, Alan Chan, Karl Denham, Jeff Dierstein, Robert Glaser, Kent Lidke, Luke McDonald, Richard Morton, Dickie Payne, Alan Precourt, Denis Samoilov, Greg Teegarden, Grant Viklund, Don Waller

    Digital Production: Ben Breakstone, Les Jones

    Head Of Technology: Hector Barrera

    Software Development: Mitch Middler

    Executive Producer: Jennifer Bergman

    A Station X Entertainment, Inc. Production

Animation / Video Overview: