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    Doonesbury’s legendary Duke is on the run – for President of the United States. The only real cartoon character to throw his hat into the presidential ring this year, Duke will make history with his bid for the Reform Party nomination, assuming he doesn’t change his mind. This campaign for president by Duke is the first transmedia production of its kind: A Web-centric media event that thrives through an orchestration of Web, print, radio, and television guerrilla attacks (live and other­wise). DUKE2000.com is constantly adapting to and influencing events surrounding the impending presidential election through the year 2000.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Buzz Hays, Ann Brilz

    DUKE2000 Campaign Crew: Garry Trudeau

    Creator: Fred Newman

    Voice/Body Performer/Writer: David Stanford

    Writers: Dan Sterling, Buzz Hays

    Executive Producer: Marc Scaparro

    Head of Production: Eric Gregory

    Head of Engineering: Brad deGraf

    Strategic Advisor: Mike Palmieri

    Animation Director: Todd Pound

    Art Director: Dan Hanna

    Puppeteer: Ann Brilz

    Producer: Dave Van Dyke

    Coordinator: Noah Landis

    Audio Engineer: John Turner

    Stage Manager: Kimberly Walton

    Wrangler: Koala Moore

Animation / Video Overview: