“Digital Galaxy Project” by American Museum of Natural History

  • ©Donna J. Cox and Dennis Davidson


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    Digital Galaxy Project


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  • American Museum of Natural History


    This video is an excerpt from the inaugural show at the new Hayden Planetarium in New York City. It depicts only a portion of the full 21-meter digital-dome projection. We begin with the real-time-rendered Milky Way, pulling out to reveal its neighboring pre-rendered galaxies as outlying members of the Virgo Supercluster, the densest group in the filament that dominates this view drawn from Brent Tully’s 3D catalog of 30,000 nearby galaxies. For still larger scales, we switch to Ostriker and Bode’s gigaparsec dark-matter simulation, which shows the universe as a foam of condensed filaments and knots surrounded by vast voids.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: American Museum of Natural History

    Contributors: Space Show Production, National Center for Supercomputing Applications: Donna Cox, Stuart Levy, Robert Patterson, American Museum of Natural History, Dennis Davidson, Carter Emmart, Erik Wesselak, Batwin+Robin Productions, Michael Hoeschen, Robin Sylvestri, Science Data: Digital Galaxy Project, University of Hawaii, Brent Tully, Princeton University: Jerimiah Ostriker, Paul Bode. Real-Time Simulation Software: Aechelon Technology

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