“Alien Abduction” by Rick Schulze

  • ©Rick Schultze  Industrial Light & Magic



    Alien Abduction


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    When ILM first approached me and my buddy about doing the opening for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater, I thought “what the hey,” this would be a great opportunity to set the record straight about us aliens. We’re always portrayed as mean, ugly losers, and this would be a chance to show what we’re really like. OK, so maybe we are mean, ugly losers but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor. When the humans threw in the bit about using the new Sony Digital high-defini­tion camera, we couldn’t resist. All aliens are techno-geeks at heart. Of course, the whole thing was a set-up. The human devils knew no two aliens could ever agree on anything, so they sat back and watched as we argued for months about the concept. By the time we had the script, there was a month left to produce it. How was it humanly possible to deliver a two minute movie in one month? Well, we’re not humans. We’re aliens and proud of it. We’ll make that delivery date.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Marcie Malooly

    Head of Production: Paul Grimshaw

    Producer: Kip Larsen


    Art Director: Erich Rigling

    Storyboard Artist: Benton Jew

    Concept Artist: Kirk Henderson


    Director of Photography: Don Smith

    Assistant Camera: Mike Bienstock

    Gaffer: James Childers

    Electricians: Tom Cloutier, Scott Ferry

    Key Grip: Carl Assmus

    Grips: Toni Taubert, Gary Mclendon

    Video Engineer: Fred Meyers

    Props Master: Emilio Aramendia

    Props Assistant: Dave Watson

    Make-up: Paula Jean Fredridkson

    Wardrobe: Deborah Coleman

    Script Supervisor: Michael Leperi

    Sound Recordist: Greg van Buchau

    Modelmaker: Anna Bies

    Production Assistants: Todd Jefferies, Matt Powers

    Casting Director: Shari Hanson

    Still Photos: Shawn Casey

    M.C. /Puppet: Michael Rae Sommers

    Pud: Phil Snyder

    Spud: Mendi Segal

    CG CREW:

    Lead Animator: Izzy Acar

    Animators: Skip Bittman, Shawnya Young, Greg Kyle

    Technical Directors: Tripp Brown, Scott Prior, Jennifer McKnew-Bartels, Marie-Laure Laffitte, Jeremy Goldman

    Compositor: David Gottlieb

    Matchmover: David Manos Morris

    Art Director: Erich Rigling

    Lead Modeler: Howie Weed

    Modelers: Alexander Pouchkarev, Ken Bryan

    Enveloper: Dugan Beach

    Chainer: James Tooley

    Viewpainters: Catherine Craig, Terry Molatore, Derek Gillingham

    Flame artist: Orin Green

    HDCam Video Wrangler: Lea Ravage


    Head of CG Commercials: John RA Benson

    CGC Production Manager: Justin Harwood

    CGC Production Coordinators: Lleslle Aclaro, David Mammola

    CGRA: Mike Balog

    Video TA: Natalee Djokovic


    Film Scanning Supervisor: Josh Pines

    Film Scanning Technology: Joseph Goldstone

    Film Scanning Operators: Randy Bean, Earl Beyer, Mike Ellis, George Gambetta, Todd Mitchell

    Sound Design and Mix by: Skywalker Sound

    Sound Designer/Mixer: Bob Edwards

    V.O. Recordist: Eric Foreman

Animation / Video Overview: