“Tekkon Kinkreet” by TRILOGY Corporation

  • ©Koji Morimoto  TRILOGY Corporation


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    Tekkon Kinkreet


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • TRILOGY Corporation


    In Treasure Town, where the moon smiles down and young boys can fly, life can be both brutal and gentle. This is never more true than for the heroes of this saga, Black and White, two orphans who watch over this decaying metropolis. Combining the imaginative fantasy of the best Japanimation with a dark and modern children’s’ story, “Tekkon Kinkreet,” in development for a 2002 release, uses cutting-edge CGI, dynamic action, and the visual styling of a eel-animation master, Koji Morimoto, to create a unique animated feature.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Hiroaki Takeuchi

    Contributors: Trilogy Corp., Shogakkan Inc., Taiyou Matsumoto, Koji Morimoto

    CG Director: Michael Arias

    Animation Supervisor: Lee Fulton

    Production Designer: Wilson Tang

    CG Animation: Koji Ono, Naoko Sugita, Takahiro Oniki, Takashi Kuwahara, Katsumi Yokota, Aki lesaka

    Line Producer: Yukie Saeki

    Music: Yoko Kanno

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