“Image-Based Lighting” by Debevec

  • ©Paul E. Debevec  USC Institute for Creative Technologies


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    Image-Based Lighting


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  • USC Institute for Creative Technologies


    “Image-Based Lighting” allows us to illuminate computer-rendered objects with light captured in the real world. Originally applied to synthetic objects, it has been extended to real objects as part of the SIGGRAPH 2000 paper: Acquiring the Reflectance Field of a Human Face. In this technique, a device called a light stage photographs the subject under illumination from all possible directions, and these images are efficiently recombined to accurately render the subject’s appearance in any form of natural or synthetic illumination. These techniques can greatly facilitate realistic integration of live action and computer-generated imagery. See www.debevec.org for more information.

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    Producer: Paul Debevec

    Contributors: Paul Debevec, Tim Hawkins, Chris Tchou, H.P. Duiker, Westley Sarokin

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