“Young at Heart” by Crème

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    Young at Heart


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • LifeFX Inc.


    An old actress (who has never existed) reminisces in her dressing room as she prepares for the stage. For the first time, a convincingly realistic computer-generated human face (in extreme closeup) is brought to life, set in standard dramatic context. The face was created using the finite-element-based LifeFX facial modeling, animation, and performance-capture system, which dynamically simulates complex skin deformation, including fine wrinkling. Artistic control over facial performance, shape, and skin properties allows LifeFX to be used for digital makeup effects. In this example, an aged impression of a real 26-year-old actress has been created.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Mark Sagar, Lol Creme

    Directors of LifeFX Development: Mark Sagar, Paul Charette

    Visual Effects Supervisor: David Altenau

    CG Artists: Chris Waegner, Rudy Grossman, Olivier Sarda, Kevin Smith, David Altenau, Justine Sagar

    Software development: Shane Blackett, Stuart Norris, Richard Christie, David Bullivant, Poul Neilsen, Peter Hunter, Paul Charette, Mark Sagar

    Digital tracking: Kieran Waegner, David Kalinoski, Brad Kalinoski, James Shephard

    The Jester: Jessica Vallot

    Old Age Makeup Consultant: Todd Masters

    Director of Photography: Gale Tattersall

    Editor: Greg Decamp

    Music: Lol Creme

Animation / Video Overview: