“Avenue Amy” by Raspo

  • ©Joan Raspo


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    Avenue Amy


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Curious Pictures


    “Avenue Amy” follows the life of a downtown girl as she searches for love in New York City’s East Village. Actors were shot on green-screen sets and digitally fed directly into a computer. On-set digital artists worked in concert with the live-action crew to create a stylized look. They had to ensure that the characters felt like they were in actual environments and that all the nuances of the performance would come through in the final animation. During their performance, the actors were able to see themselves in photo-real virtual 3D environments created from photographs of current Village locations. After the shoot, traditional eel animators digitally added more detail to the rendered characters, which were then composited into eel-shaded environments with touches of lighting, depth, and realism.

Additional Contributors:

    Created by: Amy Sohn & Joan Raspo

    Designed and Directed by: Joan Raspo

    Written by and starring: Amy Sohn

    Produced by: Sally Norvell

    Production Manager: Phil Higgs

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Lewis Kofsky

    Digital Artists: Jeeyun Sung, Birgit Rathsmann, Vanessa vanderBaan, Grace Liu, Marcos Y. Zevallos

    Director of Photography: Toshi Ozawa

    Editor: Steve Hamilton

    Produced by Curious Pictures for Oxygen Network

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