“Digital Muybridge: The Human Figures of Japan” by Kyushu Institute of Design

  • ©Etsuo Genda


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    Digital Muybridge: The Human Figures of Japan


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Kyushu Institute of Design


    Muybridge recorded motion of humans and animals in multiple photographs. These chrono-photographs are valuable works not only as a photo album, but also as a human database.
    “The Human Figures of Japan” is based on ergonomic somatometry data of 25 Japanese men and women. These virtual human figures are synthesized by 3D digitizing data, motion-capture data, and multiple-angle photograph and video data. This human nude-figure database will be adapted to many fields of design work.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Hiroshi Arita

    Contributors: Kyushu Institute of Design Genda Laboratory, General Asahi Co., Ltd