“FIGHT CLUB – Brain Fly-Through” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©Bob Hoffman



    FIGHT CLUB - Brain Fly-Through



    Hailed as one of the great visual effect sequences of the year, Digital Domain’s “Brain Fly-Through” sequence takes the audience, in one single 95-second shot of 2,256 frames, through a human brain from the inception of a spark-like synapse in a dendrite forest, into the convolutions of grey matter, through cranial bone, up a hair follicle and down a CG-generated face of actor Edward Norton. Created entirely in CG, the shot combines Digital Domain’s procedural approach in Houdini with its L Systems approach featured in “What Dreams May Come.”

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Kevin Mack

    Visual Effects Producer: Eileen Moran

    Computer Graphics Supervisor: Matthew Butler

    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Carey Villegas

    Visual Effects Coordinator: Lauren Littleton

    Opening Sequence Team Leads: David W. Prescott, Judith Crow

    Digital Compositors: Darren M. Poe, Rachael Dunn, David Stern

    Digital Artists: Daniel Lemmon, Sean Andrew Fadden, Vernon R. Wilbert, Jr., Brad Parker, Michael Edland, Zachary Tucker, Chris Y. Yang

Animation / Video Overview: