SIGGRAPH 2008: Computer Animation Festival


    From the cave drawings in Lascaux to “The Simpsons,” from “Snow White” to “Toy Story,” from worlds explored, to planets yet to discover, animation and visual effects thrill, entertain, educate, and inspire us. We are producers and practitioners, students and teachers, artists and apprentices. We love to watch these creations as much as we love to create them. We are an industry of fans.

    And as one of the industry’s biggest fans, I am thrilled to be able to help organize this year’s Computer Animation Festival and add it to the long list of evolutionary advances that you’ll experience at SIGGRAPH 2008.

    This year’s competition, the results of which are documented in this beautiful book, stops time and reflects on the state of the art in 2008. These remarkable works, culled by an inspiring jury from hundreds of submissions, reflect the best submitted work of the past year. As they become part of our shared SIGGRAPH heritage, we get a chance to see where we are and speculate on where we might be going. Judging from these 80 stellar pieces, the future is bright, indeed.

    Further exercising my status as professional fan, I’ve enlisted an expert crew to expand the Computer Animation Festival from its time-honored, much-loved tradition of screening juried entries, to bringing the community a veritable treasure trove that further explores the art and craft of animation and visual effects.

    Beyond these pages, you’ll enjoy hours of invited screenings covering everything from the latest in games to educational retrospectives, experimental animation, and the most current offerings from the studios. This year, you can choose from four days of talks and panels; three days of studio extravaganzas from Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Pixar Animation Studios; and two full days exploring the latest from the explosive world of stereoscopic 3D.

    Enjoy every pixel, every comment, every morsel of entertainment, inspiration, and education.

    This festival is for all kinds of fans and admirers. It’s for all of us.

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