“The Plush Life” by Heath

  • ©Timothy (Tim) Heath  NVIDIA Corporation



    The Plush Life


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • NVIDIA Corporation


    “The Plush Life” is an example of what one artist can accomplish with today’s graphics hardware and software. The short, completed in approximately five months, demonstrates the speed and advanced rendering capabilities of Gelato, NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated renderer. Software engineers at NVIDIA continue to harness the power of next-generation GPUs to provide studios and individuals with the tools they need.

Additional Contributors:

    Created by Timothy Heath
    Produced by Eric Enderton
    Technology: Philip Nemec
    Sound Design: Jamey Scott

    Voice Actors
    Lundo: Stacz Sadowski
    Flint: Garth Parr

    Music: “Wheel in the Sky” by Journey
    Additional Software: Eduardo Bustillo, Larry Gritz
    Acknowledgement: Mark Daly, Dave Wilton, Laura Dohrmann, Daniel Wexler, Dominick Spina, Eric Salituro, Timothy DePala

Animation / Video Overview: