“Monster.com “Stork”” by Kleinman

  • ©Daniel Kleinman  Framestore CFC



    Monster.com “Stork”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    This spot for an employment web site features 24 3D shots involving a photo-real stork, complete with feathers and dynamics. The challenge for the CG team was to create photo-real feathers from scratch in an eight-week period for a range of shots from wides to close-ups and complete a large number of animations of realistic, convincing bird movements. The work was created in Houdini and Maya(for the animation). Rendering was in RenderMan, with proprietary feather-generation plug-ins.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: Lowe NY
    Creative: John Szalay, Tom Carter
    Agency Producer: Josh Litwhiler
    Production Company: Rattling Stick
    Producer: Johnnie Frankel
    For Framestore CFC VFX Supervisor: Stephane Allender
    VFX CG Supervisor: Andy Boyd
    Technical Directors: Dan Seddon, Louis Dunlevy, Laura Dias, Simon French, Michele Fabbro
    Modelling: Alex Doyle
    Animators: Dale Newton, Nicklas Andersson, Mike Mellor, Florent De La Taille, Matt Everit, Marie Celaya
    Junior Technical Director: Paul Jones
    Inferno Artists: Marcelo Pasqualino, Christophe Allender
    Roto Artists: Nicha Kumkeaw, Dasha Ashley
    Telecine Colorist: Matt Turner
    VFX Producer: Scott Griffin

Animation / Video Overview: