“Primeval” by Payne, Gunn and Murphy

  • ©Jamie Payne, Andrew Gunn, and Nick Murphy  Framestore CFC





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    “Primeval” is a sci-fi TV drama serial, for which Framestore has produced a selection of photorealCG creatures (both “real” and imaginary) that interact extensively with humans and environments,including supporting cast members.

    Over the serial’s seven-episode run, our team supplied the production with seven new CG creatures(seen in some 350 shots) and 350 digital VFX and CG enhancements. Around 60 people worked over a period of nine months to bring the bestiary to life. The creature work was done entirely inMaya, rendered in Mental Ray, and composited in Shake.

    Challenges overcome included pipelining of the entire project in the same way a film would be created. The tool set we use for TV is now the same as the one we use on films, which offers our team the chance to draw on some of the in-house R&D work that the film teams have built up over the years.

Additional Contributors:

    Professor Nick Cutter: Douglas Henshall
    Connor Temple: Andrew Lee Potts
    Abby Maitland: Hannah Sperritt
    Helen Cutter: Juliet Aubrey
    Sir James: Lester Ben Miller
    Stephen Hart: James Murray

    Created and Produced by Impossible Pictures for ITV
    VFX Supervisor: Christian Manz
    Shoot Supervisors: Sirio Quintavalle, Rob Duncan
    VFX Producer: Matt Fox
    VFX Line Producer: Pauline Piper
    VFX Shoot Coordinators: Jon Keene, Eoin Hegan
    VFX Coordinator: Chloe Harrison
    VFX Production PA: Claire Galpin
    VFX Editors: Carey Williams, Russell Pawson
    Lead Modeller: Will Brand
    Modellers: Donald Pan, Camilla Wong, Jean-David Solon
    CG Rigger: Maximillian Mallmann
    Lead Texture Artist and Creature Concept Designer: Daren Horley
    Texture Artists: Andrew Wheater, Elsa Santos, Jamie Bowers, Jason Horley, Jean-David Solon, Michael Borhi
    Lead Animator: Mark Brocking
    Animators: Alfonso Sicilia, Arda Uysal, Arno Franzi, Benn Garnish, Dan Blacker, Daniel Zettl, Darren Rodriguez, Ferran Casas, Gabriel Gelade, Jonathon Symmonds, Ken Doyle, Kevin O’Sullivan, Liam Russell, Lina Kouznetsova, Martin Lanzinger, Mattieu Vig, Mehdi Leffad, Mike Ford, Peter Triggs, Romain Vacher
    Head of Tracking: Michael Thompson
    Lead Tracker: Radhika Patel
    Trackers: Carl Jackson, Daniel Buhigas, Daniel Lloydwood, Frederick Heymans, Lee Dexter, Mark Tudor-William, Meena Ayittey, Sabina Bejasa-Dimmock, Toby Winder, James Liu
    Lead TD: Jason Mayo
    Pipeline Lead: Chi Kwong Lo
    TD/Lighting: Gordon Curtis, Maël François, Ohkba Ameziane-Hassani, Richard Bell (ATD), Talli Peled, Thomas Biller
    Lead Compositor: Helen Bunker
    Compositors: Adrian Metzelaar, Aled Prosser, Dan Pearce, David Aulds, Jackie Rowson, Jan Adamczyk, Jarnail Bhachu, Luke Drummond, Mark Payne, Patrick Nagle, Rebecca Manning, Steve Parsons, Tara Walker
    Paint and Roto: Sam Osbourne, Frederick Heymans, Margaret Walby, Melissa Widup, Sarah Juniper
    Editorial: Roz Lowrie, Tabitha Dean, Turea Blyth
    Head of Scanning: Andy Burrows
    Scanning: Jimmy Saul, Joseph Hoare, Veronica Marcano
    Cyber Scanning: Sean Varney, Guy Hauldren
    Head of Data Ops: Matt Barnett
    Data Ops: Clym Dodds, Lawrence Smith, Mikael Jaegerjensen
    Head of Digital Lab: Ben Baker
    Colorist: Brian Krijgsman
    Conform Editor: Will Harris
    Digital Grade Producers: Erika Bruning, Mike Morrison
    Conform Editors: Annabel Wright, Stuart Nippard
    Data Op: David Johnston
    Dustbusters: Louie Alexander, Nick Stanley
    Production: Impossible Pictures

Animation / Video Overview: