““Wanderlust” Music Video forBjörk” by Saxon and Hellfritsch

  • ©Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch



    “Wanderlust” Music Video forBjörk



    This 7:40 music video for Björk’s new single “Wanderlust” combines live action, miniatures, animatronic puppetry, and innovative use of 3D CGI, all shot and created stereoscopically for a true 3D experience.The video is innovative in its use of so many different methodologies used simultaneously to give a rich, surrealistic 3D experience to theviewer and tell a complex and dream-like story. It was shot with two2K digital cameras put together in a homemade rig to allow for accurate stereoscopic filming. Live characters, large-scale mechanical puppets, and miniatures were all filmed on green screen and composited with intricate 3D-generated water, foam, spray, and digital matte paintings into a rich stereoscopic composite. In keeping with the surrealist look of the video, the 3D water was created using a combination of water-simulation software for the movement and 3Dlayered and manicured CG hair for the form of the water. This video was simultaneously completed in standard 2D, anaglyph 3D, and polarized 3D.

Additional Contributors:

    Production Company: Ghost Robot, Mark De Pace, Zach Mortensent
    Producer: Mark De Pace
    Executive Producer: Zach Mortensen
    Label: One Little Indian
    Commissioner: Paul McKee
    Post Production Company: Scott Sindorf, Damijan Saccio, Alexandre Moors, Brian Welsh, UVPHACTORY
    CGI Supervisor: Damijan Saccio
    CGI Team Leader, Technical Director, R&D Lead: Tsvetomir Marinov
    Lead CGI Artists: Susie Jang, San Charoenchai
    CGI Artists: Daniel Uranowski, Nayoun K. Charoenchai, Nicholas Fischer, Raj Soni, Jeff Baghai, Nick Martinelli
    (Special Thanks to Dilip Singh from Softimage for R&D assistance)
    Compositing Supervisor: Matthew Lane-Smith
    Compositors: Isaiah Saxon, Sean Hellfritsch, Melanie Abramov, Mike Burgoyne, Toon van den Broek, John Dorocki, John Earle, Eric Epstein, Rose Garschina, TenzinPhuntsog, Gyunam Kim
    EPK Editor: Lawson Kight
    Artists: William Loyd, Moki Goyal, Seung Hyung Lee, Keith Yan, Scott Simmons, Cryssy Cheung, Amanda Amalfi
    Render Wrangler: Mark De Pace
    Sound Design: Fabio Fonda
    Production Manager: Matthew Achterberg
    Art Director: Isaiah Saxon
    Practical Effects Supervisor,
    Associate Director: Daren Rabinovitch
    Fabrication Supervisor: Tirsch Hunter
    Lead Puppet Artist: Vanessa Waring
    Mold & Cast Supervisor: Erick Dunn
    Mold Maker: Sabrina Lessard
    Puppet Mechanics: John Weissberger
    Costumers: Cat Warner, Lia Cinquegrano, Susan Hasselbrook, Emily Boullear, Mikaela Holmes
    Lead Landscaper: Judge Finklea Landscaper
    Chris Lawson
    Lead Carpenter: James Bolenbaugh
    Carpenters: Jamie Ven Eyck, Ryan Cheresnick
    Matte Painter: Ram Bhat
    Pre-Visualization: Mike Plunkett
    Fabricators: Oran Bumroongchart, Theresa Nguyen, Jason Krugman, Amanda Scuglia, Thu Tran, Akash Nihalani, Genevive Simms, Alexis Distler, Mary Kate Rex, Lily Montemarano, Mac Pohanka, Maggie Lysikiewicz, Elizabeth Heilich, Sara Greenwalt, Rebecca Bersohn, Katrina Vonnegut, Nadia Lachance, Amanda Blue, Katie Widloski, Gabriel Abrantes, Alex Carver, Jenae Wilkins, Mihail Kossev, Trey Kirchoff, Max Nova
    Stereographer: Sean Hellfritsch
    Digital Imaging Technician: Nick Kay
    Technical Consultant: Joel Edelstein
    First AC: Bobb Lovett
    Lighting Designer: Michael Yetter
    Gaffer: Corey Eisenstein
    Key Grip: Olivia Kuan
    Grip: Danya Apt, Fletcher Wolfe, Andrew Roddewig, Kevin Phillips, Jim McGibbon
    Still Photographers: Nathan Jones, Brian Derballa, Alyona Mindlin
    3D Guru: Greg Dinkins
    Hair & MakeUp: Andrea Helgadottir
    Body Make-Up: Cheyenne Timperio
    Body MakeUp Assistants: Nina Stewart, Loran Gurgin
    Choreographer: Chris Elam of Misnomer Dance
    Pain Body: Coco Karol
    Björk Double: Bryne Billingsly
    Lead Puppeteer: Jessica Scott
    Production Coordinator: Emily Anderson
    Second Assistant Director: Stephanie Hamilton
    Production Assistant: Eli Stonberg, Jacquelyn Moses, Tiffany Chung, Danilo Parra, Brian Debralla, Mihail Kossev, Sarah Casey, Hunter Fairstone Levin, Alex Tibbets, Bobby Saferstein, Ben Bindra, Robert Montemarano, Mike Burden
    Acknowledgement: Jessica Zambri, Jennifer George, Matt Quigley, Mike Bellon,

Animation / Video Overview: